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OMG! What Nancy Pelosi Just Said to Trump’s Grandkids On Live TV Will END Her Career

Just days after Kathy Griffin “beheaded” President Trump and attacked his 11-year-old son Barron Trump, Nancy Pelosi went on live TV and took it even farther. (see video below)

While speaking at a press conference, Nancy Pelosi stooped to a new low by attacking Trump’s grandchildren! She was attempting to bash Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate accord, which he should have, but she just couldn’t stop herself from bad mouthing children!

Pelosi said, “How is he going to explain to his grandchildren what he did to the air they breath, assuming they breath air.”

Assuming they breathe air?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Nancy Pelosi is such a NASTY WOMAN! Watch this clip then SHARE on Facebook if you are ready for her to step down!

First of all, Nancy, drop the “oh what about the children” BS.  You just tried to play the liberal sympathy card by making it about children AND THEN 2 SECONDS LATER YOU ATTACKED TRUMP’S CHILDREN!  There’s no better way to end your career than attacking innocent children, just ask Kathy Griffin!

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