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NYPD Have Great Strategy To Bypass Mayer Bill de Blasio

These past years, the liberals of America have criticized all police officers based on the actions and mistakes of few. Only in New York City, the police are denigrated by their own government.

Mayor Bill de Blasio treated the police department with no respect, and now the NYPD will no longer tolerate that.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association aiming many City Council races hoping that they will shift 51-members away from its leftist tendencies. They are going to endorse many nominees for City Council.

“We need to have a City Council that will speak up, defend New York City police officers, and dig into the issues so that they understand them,” Patrick Lynch, president of the PBA, stated.

“We also need them to stand up to the (de Blasio) administration and speak up on behalf of police officers as allies,” Lynch continued.

There is no way of knowing if this campaign will be successful, but it demonstrates hoe determent the PBA is.

“We’ve changed the city, we’re keeping the city in good shape, and then we don’t get the support that we need,” Lynch stated.

De Blasio is running for re-election and it’s expected to win because there isn’t a stronger opponent against him in the race.

The PBA has a strong political influence in New York City, so there is a hope that it can help in these City Council races and will reduce the power of de Blasio in his attacks against the police.

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