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Madonna Says She’s “Ashamed To Be American”…But Her Next Message Is Even Worse

As beforehand revealed, in December 2016 versatile film rose indicating Madonna telling a group that she was “embarrassed to be an American”.

This is in spite of America being her local nation giving her the open doors that have made her identity today.

Without America and the opportunities this nation presents, Madonna would be nothing.

Be that as it may, Madonna has another message for Americans. Her most recent hostile tirade hammered Americans as “a place that is known for simple, stupid idiots, who will think anything anybody lets them know. Particularly if it’s Trump related, or originating from Trump himself”.

Stunning! Be that as it may, why does she despise President Trump to such an extent?

Madonna has since been requested further remark yet declined to expound further.

This isn’t the first run through Madonna has made hostile comments..


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