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Here Are The 10-Democrats Up For Re-Election

his is very important. President Trump needs our help. As we all know, Trump claimed victory in 10 Democrat states and now it’s the time for re-election in the Senate.

Here is the list of 10 Democrats Senators who are up for re-election in the states that Trump won, and now they must be changed with small-government conservatives. Here are their names- vote them out:

Debbie Stabenow (Michigan)

Bob Casey Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Sherrod Brown (Ohio)

Joe Manchin (West Virginia)

Bill Nelson (Florida)


We are the ones who can create a new American Congress. Vote these people out so that we can have the new ones in and together with Trump and his administration take the government and make America great again.

With this curtail change, we can make a real progress in our judiciary system which was corrupted under Obama. We need more honest people in the SCOTUS like Neil Gorsuch!

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