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BOMBSHELL: Russia Special Counsel Mueller Implicated In HORRIFIC Scandal. Should He Resign?

After James Comey’s testimony to the Senate last week, many began to openly question the need for a special counsel. After all, Trump was never under investigation. However, Robert Mueller continues to carry on with the Trump-Russia nonsense.

After the media’s glowing portrayal of Mueller, one would get the impression that the former FBI director is a reincarnated Eliot Ness. This not true at all. In fact, back in 2012, Mueller worked with the radical Muslims of the Islamic Society of North America in order to remove “radical Islam” from FBI training manuals, via Judicial Watch.

Like Comey and former CIA head honcho John Brennan, Robert Mueller is another political hack with leftist leanings.

Mueller is also a liar who told Congress that the FBI never conducted surveillance on protesters during the presidency of George W. Bush.

This was a boldfaced lie, via Got News.

Again, one must ask why Mueller is even working anymore? Even far-leftists like Chris Matthews have admitted that the how Russian hacking conspiracy is hollow, via Washington Examiner.

Mueller’s continued employment by the Justice Department is simply more evidence that the permanent class in Washington, D.C. will never rest as long as Donald Trump is president.

The swamp creatures of the Potomac know full well that their pet story about Russian interference during the 2016 election is complete balderdash. They very likely have no desire to prove it at all.

Their only aim to delegitimize the Trump administration in the eyes of the American people in order to hand Congress back over to the Democrats in 2018.

It should also be noted that many in the D.C. establishment, including the intelligence agencies and the FBI, are diehard Clintonites. They fear that an invigorated American public might demand greater investigations into political corruption in the federal government.

Mueller and his cronies know how dirty their hands are.

Not even a year into President Trump’s first term and it has already been proven time and time again that “justice” in America is a sham. Our courts and our federal cops are mostly left-wing agitators who abuse the law in order to suit their ideology, via Breitbart.

These are the men and women truly obstructing justice, not Donald J. Trump and his team.

In order to Make America Great Again, we must purge our courts and dismantle the academic-intelligence-globalist industrial complex.

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